Priyanka Chopra Rocks the GQ Cover

Priyanka Chopra Sexy GQ magazine photos

Global celebrity Priyanka Chopra rocks the GQ India magazine‘s December 2012 issue cover with a stunning rook queen look. From black corset with leather pants to sparkling mini-dress to biker jackets to high-heels, Priyanka Chopra emerges as a hot rock diva. Checkout the photos below..

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priyanka-chopra-gq-2012-magazine-cover priyanka-chopra-gq-black-corset-leather-pant-biker-jacket
priyanka-chopra-gq-2012-sparkling-mini-dress priyanka-chopra-gq-2012-rock-diva
priyanka-chopra-gq-2012-sexy-rock-diva priyanka-chopra-gq-black-corset-leather-pant

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